Summer’s Desire review

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Drama Series: Summer's Desire

Summer’s Desire review


* Title: 泡沫之夏 / Pao Mo Zhi Xia * English title: Summer's Desire * Genre: Romance * Broadcast period: 2010 WATCH NOW ! Story: Xia Mo and Luo Xi were orphans living at the same foster home. They became close friends after Luo Xi saved Xia Mo from an embarrassing situation at a singing competition. However, Luo Xi fell for Xia Mo. On the other hand, Ou Chen, a young master from a rich family, was deeply in love with Xia Mo, so he deliberately separate those two by sending Luo Xi to England. 5 years later, Luo Xi came back as a superstar with tons of fans, while Xia Mo was newly signed by a record label. Just when they met, Ou Chen lost his memory. Casts: * Barbie Xu as Yin Xia Mo 尹夏沫 * Huang Xiao Ming as Luo Xi 洛熙 * Peter Ho as Ou Chen 歐辰 * Canti Lau as Xia Ying Bo 夏英柏 * Shen Jian Hong (沈建宏) as Yin Cheng 尹澄 * Chang Kuo Chu as Xi Meng 西蒙 * Patina Lin as Shen Qiang 沈薔 * Ke Huan Ru as Pan Nan 潘楠 * Fang Si Yu (房思瑜) as Jiang Zhen En 江珍恩 * Maggie Wu as An Hui Ni 安卉妮 * Yang Han (楊瀚) as Ling Hao 凌浩 * Coco Jiang as Wei An 薇安 * Huang Yi as Luo Xi's mother * Chen Chen (晨辰) as Jie Ni * Deng Ning (邓宁) as A Sen * Zhao Shun as Yi's father * Ying Cai Ling (應采靈) as Yi's mother * Zhang Ke Fan (張克帆) as Jam * Lin Mei Xiu as Cai Ni * Qi Wei (戚薇) as Ou Chen's fake girlfriend * Irene Xu WATCH NOW !

Summer’s Desire review


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