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Weekly Idol

Alternate Title: 주간 아이돌

Summary: The show consists of several segments, one of which is called "Real Chart! Idol Self-Ranking", where idols are asked to rank each other on different topics and the results are then presented. "Idol of the Week", the second segment, on the other hand features idol groups as the invited guests. The first idol group to record an episode and appear in the segment was INFINITE. This segment usually consists of several featured corners: "Random Play Dance" – The staff played any songs that had been promoted by the guests. A song usually stop at a random point or change to another song while the guests must dance with the proper choreography for each song. "Profile Verification" – The hosts (Hyung Don and Defconn) featured the profile, info, facts, and rumors about the guest that prepared by the staff at a profile card. The idols need to verify, or even, voluntarily prove its before the MCs. "Win Against Idol" – The guests playing a game together with the hosts. If the guests can beat the hosts, the winning side will get the special prize and the losing side (usually the hosts) will get the physical punishment from the winners. "Grill Idol" – A special corner where the guests must answered correctly the questions from the hosts that appeared on a panel. Only after the guests get the question right they can eating the grilled Hanwoo beefs that prepared by the staff. BtoB's Jung Ilhoon frequently appearing as a special guest host for this corner since November 2012. "DoniConi Idol Call Center" - A special call center was prepared for 24 hours before the recording and the fans can personally call in and leave a message for the idol which later will revealed before the idols. At these segment, the talk usually hold without too much formality, giving a chance to the hosts to give a humorous remark about the idols, or in opposite, the idols can playing around with the hosts’ lack of physical fitness and engaging in a slapstick activity with the hosts. Started from December 31, 2011, annual year-closing episode, "Weekly Idol Award", held in the last episode of the year. In this episode, the host usually reviewed again the segments and the appearances from the guests that featured in past one year.



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