The King 2Hearts

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The King 2Hearts

Alternate Title: 킹2hearts / 더 킹

Summary: The drama sets up where South Korea is fantasized as constitutional monarchy country with its king , queen and prince. Lee Jae Ha, the supposed 2nd Prince of South Korea marries the thirty-something army instructor, Kim Hang Ah who is also the daughter of an influential family from the North Korea through an arranged marriage after both of them were being caught in a “special situation”. The once carefree and frank, Lee Jae Ha began to walk his road of revenge as the king after his older brother was killed in a bombing attack during his engagement. And as both of Jae Ha and Hang Ah slowly falls in love with each other despite of clashing and fighting at first, they finds themselves once again at the mercy of the political factors which had brought them together at first but now wants them to be apart.

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Action, K drama, Drama, All,

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